An Analytics Service for Talent

An Analytics Tool for Talent

An Analytics Tool for Talent

Talent Tracker

Talent Tracker is a custom data analytics service. Talent Tracker Researchers have compiled and organized an exhaustive database of open-source data from US government, international and non-governmental sources. Talent Tracker examines demographics, employment and educational data at the national, regional and state levels. The resulting data set gives our analysts a comprehensive overview of the existing job market. The query-able database and resulting reports offers concrete information to make important decisions. The database is updated each time new information becomes available, giving you the most recent data with every report.

You know what’s going on in your company. We provide a look at the surrounding environment, giving you a good look at how you compare to the talent market at large as an employer.

Talent Tracker data is useful for:

  • Workforce planning.
  • Compensation benchmarking.
  • Diversity benchmarking.
  • Market/demographic analysis.

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Use data to manage your most valuable resource.

Talent Tracker allows HCM Advisory Services Research Analysts to rapidly create infographics and data summaries made to order. These assets provide the data-based evidence for human resources planning and business decisions, giving you the context to see how your organization fits in the national workforce perspective.

Talent Tracker visualizations include only the data you need, personalized and specific to your query. Our visualizations and summaries can help you make a variety of informed hiring and diversity decisions. Tell us what you need to know to make informed decisions and we’ll do the all the work.

Lower-cost alternative to consultants.

We provide in-depth workforce analytics for any sized organization in any industry or sector seeking information about the United States’ labor force. You tell us your question and we get you the information in a quick and coherent package. No consultant fees. No need to learn complicated business intelligence tools. No need to sign up for a year of service.

Talent Tracker is perfect for the organization that requires a fast, to-the-point data service. Our quick turnaround times save you time and money. Make important business decisions and focus on your operational needs without the cost of an in-house data analytics team.


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